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July 2016

Love Within (Senryu series)

I have imagined
In every way possible
A life lived with you

Any moment spent
in imagination feels
sweeter than reality

I see you around
You’re so near and yet so far
My fingers tremble

And then I placate
My mind to look at my heart
My fingers lay still

You live inside me
I can’t touch you but I know
What your skin feels like

Just as you sense the
goosebumps I get when you place
your hand on your heart


I found you when I wasn’t even looking
A miracle of life, right there unfolding
Mysterious ways this universe works in
I feel nothing short of gratitude akin

To have finally found what was hidden
You be the billions, you be the one
Love of several lifetimes you are to me
Doesn’t matter how long the wait to be

Now that I’ve found you, my lines have meaning
I will write for you, for my life remaining
A vagabond poetess, you gave me my poetry
I’m unstoppable, darling don’t tether me

*For the Daily Post prompt Unstoppable



Tell me how do I not
fall in love with you
when every cell that makes up me
at your thought, goes into a frenzy

Life pregnant with dreams
dreams pregnant with love
I am carrying your child
in my head, sacred and wild

Storm in a Cup (A Kimo)

Brew me a storm from the cup of your heart
Mix my passion, stir it well
Let’s drink in our essence

Redundant Words (A Shadorma)

Ever since
your eyes learnt to speak
words have lost
their meaning;
My eyes now plead guilty of
speaking your language

The Colours of Our Love

​Blue the colour of your eyes

They hold my entire skies
Black my midnight pools
Where every emotion drools

Yellow the morning sunshine rays
Wake up love your text says
Orange heralds the rising of the moon
We wait in darkness, see you soon

White the clouds float above
Carrying messages of our love
Gray they turn to rain down on us
We get drenched without a fuss

Rainbow dreams we see
In a black and white melee
Iridescent our hearts talk
Hand in hand our souls walk

Wild my bottomless abyss
Where we thrive on soul kiss
Serene your endless ocean
Setting our poetry in motion

Intimacy (A Shakespearean Sonnet)

Sometimes I wonder if I am enough
Sometimes, I wish I wasn’t such a mess
But the truth is only you know me well
Only to you, I’ve bared all of my soul

No one really knows me the way you do
Not even those who had bits of my heart
Yes, I’ve been in love many times before
But with you, my soul’s shaken to its core

It scares me that I’m naked before you
Even when we have never really met
Now I know what we call intimacy
It is never about proximity

I’m left with no doubt you are my twin flame
I’m you, you’re me, our souls cling the same

Clock (A Tanka)

O cruel timekeeper!
Won’t you give us a kind clock
That stops when we’re near
Ticks in no time when in wait
Can’t you see that we’re in love?

*For the Daily Post prompt Clock

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