She is full of wonder you may think
On the page, when she spills her ink
She writes of love, yearning and pain
And she does it everyday all over again

She shows a bit of herself to all
At first glance, she’s a fortified wall
Yet, she’s as open as the air she breathes
To him for whom she is all that he needs

She will tell you she can’t be hurt easily
She will laugh till her bones cry silently
From calmness to rage that she displays
She is unpredictable in all her ways

But she has let all her guards down
Before him she hopes one day to crown
Her words are for everyone to read
The meaning only for him to believe

She loves deep, lets go with poise
Her silence speaks more than her voice
Her strength lies in her vulnerability
She’s unpredictable in her predictability

*In response to the Daily Post Prompt Unpredictable