The moon came knocking at my door
It must have been something around four
Had I not been sleepless in my yearning
I would not have heard the moon howling

Oh mistress of scowls, what troubles thee
I try to serenade you to slumber trouble-free
Wherefore art thou so lost and immune
I have come to you ignoring my commune

I spy in thine eyes dreams of some faraway land
Like a blind man seeketh treasure in the sand
Despair not my mistress, though thy body frail
Thou hast a mind so strong come any gale

And so I saw the moon understood my plight
As I sat lost in dreams of the sun every night
I asked the moon to convey my message to the sun
Ah my folly, the sun is closer to me than the moon

With this thought, I brainwashed my mind to sleep
Tomorrow with the sun, I’ll have a tête-à-tête deep