Emotional Spaces

The Essence of Emotions


August 2016



It’s a gift
to love so fiercely
and a curse

All she did
like all that she knew
was to love

Love she did
like it was her last
day on earth

Many came
to be loved by her
they all went

She burned bright
too bright for them who
knew the sun

Bit by bit
she felt pushed away
by her love

She burned in
her fire until she
became it

What remain
are the embers that
once were her


I stared out of my window with your thoughts and I alone 

I soaked in every drop of moonlight till my skin turned a silvery tone 

I spoke to the stars about the love that lights up my life

I uttered your name as the reason I didn’t need them in my eyes

It was only when the sun came up I realized I had been so lost

when I saw on my skin glittering specks of golden dust

I often spend sleepless nights dreaming about you and us

on such nights, the entire sky willingly becomes my blank canvas

My heart becomes the hand and my mind the paintbrush

I watch the brightest constellation form as letters of our names gush


Cupid ​struck hard with his arrow
their joy overcame their sorrow

As the night turned into day

they were still engulfed by passion’s play

Unleashing free into the awaited cage

turning into love all the pent-up rage!


They had met but parted in vain

they met again, consummating their love till they got insane

Meeting and parting, parting again to eventually meet

they are but one, in unison their hearts beat

One is the eyes, the other the dream

can you ever separate the water from the stream?

Diamonds in the Sky

​Let the passion blow, 

let the molten lava flow, 

till your heart beats like a galloping horse, 

till your body crumbles into volcanic ashes, 

I will be there waiting with water in my crater lake

to carry you and spread you like stars scattered in an autumn night and together we shall light up the earth like million diamonds in the sky

Whole Again

Before you found me

I was so wrongfully owned

By people who claimed to love me

but had my soul pawned
It was when you came along

and made love to my soul

I started collecting fragments of me

I started becoming whole


Don’t tell her she’s beautiful

Tell her she gives beauty a new definition
Don’t tell her she’s the girl of your dreams
Tell her dreams are made up of her

When she’s feeling lost
Don’t show her the way
Instead, take her hand
And walk with her till you both find your way

If she’s mad
Don’t turn away
Hold her closer
Close the space

She doesn’t want you to give up on your freedom
To make her feel loved
She wants you to be free from your inhibitions
To KNOW that she’s loved

You don’t have to tell her she’s your world
You need to make her feel she is the most important part of it

She’s not demanding
She’s not difficult
She’s vulnerable when it comes to you
Understand her need to be loved the way she wants to be loved

All this because she matters!

Do you know she’s too full of love to be half-loved?

Moments of Love

I could spend hours listening to you talk

while marveling quietly at how your pupils dilate

when you tell me how much you love me

I could spend all day nestled in your arms

and wonder why people have a distorted idea of home

I could spend an eternity writing poems for you

and still think I haven’t had enough!

The Face Reader

My downcast eyes
what’s on your mind
Unable to meet your gaze
what lies behind?

my lips start to curve
a little from the side
I look up quick
could emotions hide?

What had you been saying?
your words like fire
a breath of hot air stirring
in my body a burning desire

my lips part in anticipation
my eyes saying come hither
one of those moments I stay silent
I let you become my face reader

Spilling Ink

Sometimes I cannot decide

who is the luckier one between us

You, in whose name I churn poem after poem

or Me, whom you continue to inspire

Then I smile thinking of my folly

we are both lucky

to have in each other both the cause and the effect

If I am the pen, you are the thought

If I am the thought, you are the seed

If I am the seed, you are the earth

and if I am the earth, you are the rain

If these spaces are our blank pages

our emotions are the ink spilled

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