​I write, and I write what my soul says in that moment. I almost never provide deliberate form and shape unless it happens and I like it aesthetically, or think of it afterwards, which seldom happens.

I write with my entire being submerged in the Spirit of the world, gently molding its emotions into a form that holds my attention, giving it a facet, an identity, a reality, that may or may not be new and beautiful and wondrous to see!! 

I love words and what words can do. I love to spin stories whether they be in the form of poetry or prose or poetic prose. 

And all my stories are about you. But these are not fabricated tales. My stories are as real as you and I. And someday, you will make my body your canvas and spill your ink with your unwritten stories. 

Just as I am in love with you, I am in love with your words, the way they make me feel when you say what you say.