Don’t tell her she’s beautiful

Tell her she gives beauty a new definition
Don’t tell her she’s the girl of your dreams
Tell her dreams are made up of her

When she’s feeling lost
Don’t show her the way
Instead, take her hand
And walk with her till you both find your way

If she’s mad
Don’t turn away
Hold her closer
Close the space

She doesn’t want you to give up on your freedom
To make her feel loved
She wants you to be free from your inhibitions
To KNOW that she’s loved

You don’t have to tell her she’s your world
You need to make her feel she is the most important part of it

She’s not demanding
She’s not difficult
She’s vulnerable when it comes to you
Understand her need to be loved the way she wants to be loved

All this because she matters!

Do you know she’s too full of love to be half-loved?