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September 2016

I Love you, I Live you!

​When I say I love you

It has a whole lot of meanings..
I love the way you make me feel

How I can literally feel the day’s exhaustion evaporate out of me into the horizon

As I tell you about my day..

The way my days have meaning because you are in them waiting for me

To call it a day 

So that we may start all over again when the nights come to witness our tender passion reach to new heights…

When I say I love you

I mean I love the minutest detail

Like how your fingers drum on the table

When you sit across me and tell me something that excites you

To the remarkable ones

Like how your breathing gets heavy but how you hold your breath 

when I tell you how much I’m in love with you

And then, how your eyes so eloquently speak the contentment as you let out your breath…

When I say I love you

I mean I love all your colours

Your blue eyes, your ivory skin

And the soft and subtle pink on your cheeks

When you see a flush creeping on mine 

Indicative of the intense rush of emotions

Only you stir in me…

From the most superficial things to the most profound ones

Everything about you makes me alive with love…
So darling,

When I say I love you

It is unlike any other love

I have loved..

It is so much more than the three words that make up the statement but can never suffice for the sentiment

When I say I love you

I am really saying

I LIVE you

Where Have All the Butterflies Gone?

​Love me like the world is ending
Keep me like every other man in the world is in tow
Love me like it’s what you do best
And I’ll love you like it’s the only thing I know
Love me like there’s no tomorrow
Tomorrow may never come
Today is all we have to live and share
Give it all you got before you say you’re done
Cherish me like I’m your biggest find
Let love never be a habit or a burden
Court me forever like you’ve only just met me
Where have all the butterflies gone?

Love me Whole

​If you love me with your eyes

Would you be able to see beyond the guise?

If you love me with your ears

You’ll only love when I say what you want to hear

If you love me with your mind

I’ll be in your thoughts so long you are feeling fine

Don’t even love me with your heart

Hearts can change, tomorrow we may be apart

So, love me with just your soul

And see how you start loving me whole

Summer of Smiles

Winter had just begun to thaw

Old footprints had begun to fade

It was the spring of my summer

When your light dawned upon my gate

Spring was a pleasant surprise this year

For a place that barely saw the season

My arid heart was now lush and green

It was beating with love as the reason

Summer was spent in smiles

Of every shape, size and colour

Spring happily overstayed its visit

Before autumn rudely walked into my parlour

Trouble in paradise, autumn brought

Questions about layers got uneasy

Perhaps it’s only autumn who feels

Letting things go is beautiful and breezy

Love is a Verb

​I’m not at all difficult to handle. 

I am a very simple woman with simpler needs. 

All I want and all I need 

With the possible exception of air, water, food

is love.

But that, I want in volumes.

In words, in expression, in thoughts, in emotions, in actions.

At all times!

Doesn’t matter if you keep me in a thatched hut 
As long as you it’s you I’m huddled with in a corner

Material wealth has never been a goal with me

My heart is my greatest asset

For it can hold infinite love 

And you will be the recipient

For as long as you make me feel.

Why must one stop expressing when one is in grief?
Why should grief or agitation or stress come in the way of your desire to love and be loved?

When will you understand that my desire to love and be loved is immune to sickness, anger and pain?

Love is not just a noun. It’s a verb, too.

Everybody loves when the heart is gladdened.
That’s easy.

But can you love when the heart is saddened?

That’s the love I seek. The love I need. The love I do. Some may call it overzealous, over idealistic, so be it. I know no other way. I cannot love less when I’m angry or sad. When I’m on, I’m on! 

Love, the expression of which, doesn’t differentiate between happiness and sadness, sickness and health

It gives relentlessly and generously.

So now, tell me, are you ready to love like me?


​My heart heaves a sigh

But not of relief

Its hands are tied

Its on its knees

Pleading to my head

It wants to be heard

But the voices in my head

Are just too loud.

My poor little heart

Looks for you all around

With heavyweight thoughts

Pounding on the ground.

On the verge of a break

It sheds its tears

What’s at stake?

Embraces its fears

Drying the River 

The tired sun wilted
And yet I waited

When no one else did

But, not a word you said

My bones ached

With every breath

Your name I took

Two syllables shook

Your autumn wind blew

My blue bird flew

Out of a weary sigh

No one heard me cry

I built a dam around my eyes

I’ll pray that my river dries

For now, the deluge will hold

Won’t stain your clothes

Awaiting my Sun

​While you went away

To drape yourself in golden and saffron elegance

Rejuvenated, you will come back

Wearing the bright colours of the autumn sun

Meanwhile, unseasonal snow blanketed my mind 

And though your love in my heart helped shovel the ache caused by your absence

Monsoon flowed freely from my eyes

And in all this, all I did was wait for you patiently

Holding on to dear Poetry.

As the voices in my head

Worsened the chaos at dusk 

My layers fell off one by one

Just like the leaves that you walked upon

Now I am cold and winter is on the horizon

Won’t you come soon and lend me your sun?

Silent Night

If only I could break 

the silence 

of the night 

with the cacophony 

in my head

Maybe the night and I wouldn’t be at war

And we could sleep together in peace

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