​Write me a line

And I’ll reply with a novel

Whatever you give in

I’ll make that double

Trickle on me

And I’ll overflow to the brim

Bathe you with my love

Until you no longer feel grim

Kiss me a verse
I’ll smooch you a song

Together we’ll make music

All day and all night long

Whisper love to me 

I’ll shout out your name

For the whole world to know

that I am your dame

Should you give me your silence

you’ll still hear me whisper

to let you know I’m here

love is always the answer

Give me your hand

You can take my arm

Lets walk together

Keep us safe from harm

Plant me a seed

I’ll feed you a fruit

Nurture the tree together

We’ll strengthen the root

Give me your heart

I shall pledge you my life

Cherish this bond forever

as man and wife

Give me your words 

I’ll imagine the embrace

This distance between us

I will bravely face