We gave bits of our hearts
to all the wrong people

who felt right, then.

We spent months and years

piecing ourselves back

only to be broken over and over again.

Till we stopped and learned to accept ourselves less than whole.

Was it resignation to fate?

having been so exhausted of the rigmarole;

that we missed signals from the universe repeatedly,

and the universe had no choice but to intervene?

Because then, one fateful day

we stumbled upon each other 

and it was as if our broken fragments

were meant to fit together perfectly

with each other’s mosaic.

That explains

why we never felt complete

by ourselves

even though we didn’t know it then;

We did not know, did we?

that we were the cosmic kaleidoscope project

and this is why I love you the way I do

not because you give me what I need 

but because you give me those things I never knew I needed.