I’m as lost in you as Alice was in Wonderland

You’re as mad about me as the Hatter was about (finding) Neverland**

And together we are on the greatest adventure of our lives

Burning the bridges, except the ultimate one that survives

My King of Spades, dig out the weeds along the way 

Your Queen of Hearts, I shall plant blossoms that will stay

Together we’ll create a magical fragrant garden 

Wherever fate wills, we’ll build and nurture our own Eden

Let’s travel through our looking glass so we see only each other

You know how I love the dusk for it is the harbinger

of a new dawn and all the wondrous splendour

Let’s murder the time, be stuck on 6pm forever

*The entire piece has been weaved with Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ in the backdrop. Although some terms and phrases have been accordingly taken from it, not all lines can be alluded to the same.

**Johnny Depp portrays the Mad Hatter in the motion picture Alice in Wonderland and he was also the main protagonist in Finding Neverland. Hence, the connection.