​I’m not at all difficult to handle. 

I am a very simple woman with simpler needs. 

All I want and all I need 

With the possible exception of air, water, food

is love.

But that, I want in volumes.

In words, in expression, in thoughts, in emotions, in actions.

At all times!

Doesn’t matter if you keep me in a thatched hut 
As long as you it’s you I’m huddled with in a corner

Material wealth has never been a goal with me

My heart is my greatest asset

For it can hold infinite love 

And you will be the recipient

For as long as you make me feel.

Why must one stop expressing when one is in grief?
Why should grief or agitation or stress come in the way of your desire to love and be loved?

When will you understand that my desire to love and be loved is immune to sickness, anger and pain?

Love is not just a noun. It’s a verb, too.

Everybody loves when the heart is gladdened.
That’s easy.

But can you love when the heart is saddened?

That’s the love I seek. The love I need. The love I do. Some may call it overzealous, over idealistic, so be it. I know no other way. I cannot love less when I’m angry or sad. When I’m on, I’m on! 

Love, the expression of which, doesn’t differentiate between happiness and sadness, sickness and health

It gives relentlessly and generously.

So now, tell me, are you ready to love like me?