​When I say I love you

It has a whole lot of meanings..
I love the way you make me feel

How I can literally feel the day’s exhaustion evaporate out of me into the horizon

As I tell you about my day..

The way my days have meaning because you are in them waiting for me

To call it a day 

So that we may start all over again when the nights come to witness our tender passion reach to new heights…

When I say I love you

I mean I love the minutest detail

Like how your fingers drum on the table

When you sit across me and tell me something that excites you

To the remarkable ones

Like how your breathing gets heavy but how you hold your breath 

when I tell you how much I’m in love with you

And then, how your eyes so eloquently speak the contentment as you let out your breath…

When I say I love you

I mean I love all your colours

Your blue eyes, your ivory skin

And the soft and subtle pink on your cheeks

When you see a flush creeping on mine 

Indicative of the intense rush of emotions

Only you stir in me…

From the most superficial things to the most profound ones

Everything about you makes me alive with love…
So darling,

When I say I love you

It is unlike any other love

I have loved..

It is so much more than the three words that make up the statement but can never suffice for the sentiment

When I say I love you

I am really saying

I LIVE you