Emotional Spaces

The Essence of Emotions


October 2016

Love Bridge

Love is the bridge between you and I

The two ends we’re at, we will get by

One step at a time and we shall meet

Patience and faith that’s all we need


​If I were a star

You wouldn’t have to wonder

What makes me twinkle so bright

Love is my light

If I were a star

I’d shine down on you from near and far

The whole world would come to know

For you I glow


Let me be
the sun
silently slipping
through your 
open window,
running my fingers
wildly along
the contours of 
your body

Let me roost
in blissful abandon
of the world
till your amber warmth
seeps in through every pore 
of my body
as you chart a love map
along the ridges and plains 
in ecstacy

Embracing the Light

Last night’s dreams were still lingering

In the air when I was greeted by the light 

This morning when the sun arose

I knew the moon had conceived last night

When at twilight, the moon was leaving

It was bloated with happiness already

Hopes and aspirations in tandem

To give birth to a beautiful golden baby

I was still intoxicated with your thoughts

When the new rays streamed in boisterously

I felt you caress my strands gently

As if to let the light infuse wholly into me 

Finding Us

​In the silent pauses 

between heartbeats

I find you;

In the noisy chaos

of stagnated dreams

I find me;

And in between exaggerated wishes and languid reality

I find us

Our First Kiss (Senryu Series)

I have chased shadows 

My eyes running along the 

contours of your lips

And each time they move
I spend ages visualising  
Those moves on my lips

Should I lick my lips
Or would you like the friction
The first time we kiss?

Will my lips quiver
Will my whole body tremble?
I’ll let you decide

With each syllable 
your lips write on mine, I let
my Poetry unfurl

Lips deciphering 
the language of love within 
Our erratic breaths

Hastened and easy 
hands chasing shadows blindly
While our lips make love


I’m willing to negotiate with the universe

To have Poetry taken out of me forever
If that means I can live one verse with you


​4 AM the big hand drags, rather sleepless

Minutes run to decide: day or night

Oh if I can’t be swallowed by darkness 

Can I hope to be embraced by the light?

On leaving (A Tanka)

Your thoughts in my head
hope of a future in heart 

I now take your leave;

If my absence won’t matter

My presence you won’t cherish

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