Your loving fingerprints 

all over the package

I ran my fingers through it

Attempting to feel your touch

Tiny bits of hair

I tried looking for

Or even blood dried

On your old razor

Your DNA rests

Within those blades

That have grazed your skin

Not just around the edges

One little nick

And it will be fine

Your essence will then

Merge with mine

Beads of evaporated sweat

I tried so hard to smell

On your faded shirt

letting my tears well

Countless new moons

That old shirt has seen

Over many years of toil

Where you have been

Two ordinary items 

A razor and a shirt

Until you sent to me

Have never meant so much

A letter written in your hand

My sighs may have torn it apart

But the love in your words

Etched deep in my heart

Big little meaningful bits of you

I held in my eager hands 

My heart came to my mouth

Dying to leave these meaninless grounds