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November 2016

Winter’s Child (in Senryu)

​Cloaked in pristine frost

Gossamer Fall breathes its last 

Coughing up winter 

The sun’s lazy rays 

Fail to cut through the clouds that

drape my morning sky

Grudgingly I rise 

I take in the morning chill

Stir it in my cup 

I’m a winter child

My leftover summer dreams 

Tuck them in my eyes

My Blue-eyed Love

​My blue-eyed love is a simple man

Loves me as much as he can

He looks at me like I’m magic

Like I’ve cast a spell on him thick

My blue-eyed love has a heart of gold

Forever young but his soul is old

When I first found him, I kind of knew

My days of aimless wandering were few

My longing heart longs no more

For a love that would stay forever more

I’ve found the one that was made for me

Only with my blue-eyed love, I long to be 

Only Love

​Beauty, fame, prestige and power

You may get yourself countless admirers

If you have one true love 

You already have all of the above

The other day I saw a man

Worked like an ass to get that brawn

Sickness got him, took his sass

Lost all the charm, looked like an ass

A wealthy man with power to boast

Arm candies dangling like ghosts

Everyone at his beck and call

Wonder who’ll stand at his fall!

You are rich not by money

Beauty is not of saffron and honey

When it’s time to go back to earth

All that’ll matter is how well have you loved


Dear readers/friends,

This blog is a fruit of love shared between two people who have a profound connection with each other and with the universe. Naturally, it has come to mean a lot to us and although we haven’t been posting as often as we’d like to (because oh well, life too continues to happen), we would like to tell you we enjoy your Poetry and we are here to stay. This is just a “How have you all been?”. 

God bless! 

Finally Me

There was a time
When I questioned

My self worth
There were days

When I felt pained 

By the word abandonment 
There were nights 

when my pillow 

Bore witness to untold stories

The remnants of which dried 

As the sun came up

Only to repeat at sundown
All these happened 

WIhile I was someone’s wife

And now

I have left those moments

They are distant memories

I no longer have space for 

In my heart 

In my head

In my life
I am finally my own self

I am finally me

On Becoming One

​I hope you’ll never tire of looking into my eyes

My eyes that I shall never close on your dreams

Your dreams that have now become mine in my heart

My heart that pines for you across these spaces

These spaces that will echo with our happy voices someday

Someday you will see our dreams unfold in my eyes 

My eyes that will never tire of looking at you with love 

Dreamcatcher (in Senryu)

​She would camouflage

Between the folds of her skin

Years of scattered dreams

He gave her a smile 

To iron out the creases

No more scattered dreams!

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