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December 2016

The Gift of a Perennial Seed 

I have taken on life’s varied hues, expressions and forms to dissolve the distance between us.

I lay hidden at first, unclaimed –
a little seed of life
under a blanket of snow.
You unearthed me
you potted me,
you gave me a home.
And I blossomed from a bud to a flower
my fragrance spreading from your skin to your soul.

The golden rays that kissed your eyes in the morning
tell me if you couldn’t feel my warmth in those.
And all those times when the ache got unbearable
I trickled from your eyes
So you could taste me.

When it was time for nature to disrobe,
we clothed each other’s nakedness with intimacy hitherto unknown.

This Christmas,
I became a snowflake for you
growing heavier with yearning as I fell!
I caressed you till I melted
the joys of spring still hung heavily in the air
as you took me in so willingly
underneath your skin

The carolers didn’t come around this time
but you must have murmured ‘silent night’
wishing only I could hear,
because the night was silent at my end,
Or was it?
Perhaps, it was so conspicuous that
I was there in every frosted breath you took
I permeated the senses
of even the inanimate objects under your tree
and they sprang to life
as you burst them open with delight

But then loneliness crept up inside you
after the voices had died
because I felt it too.
We both know what is it like
to feel lonely, though surrounded,
by people we love.

And on this New Years Eve, my beloved
I’m wondering how do I touch you,
what do I become this time?
The flowers long withered have been pressed into pages
the leaves have fallen and gone back to earth
the rains have drained into the seas
snowflakes have dissipated into the ether..
while I remain, sighing away the seasons
watching my body age
dying, a little every season,
to become one with yours.

Unleashing Poetry (Lune Series)

Your hand strokes,
buttons I twiddle
with purpose

enslaved thoughts
pour out begging for
sweet release

Beads of words
begin to appear –
soaking sheets

lines jostle
to form stanzas of

emotions unleashed –
You and I

Relentless Heart

For that tiny flicker of hope
that shines through
the cold dark tangle of despair
For all the battles won
by feelings against thoughts
finding a common ground to share-
Lay a wreath made of
red roses and white carnation
the relentless heart
deserves a standing ovation

*Writtem in context of the Daily Post prompt Ovation

Infusion (In Senryu)

Kiss me like the first
blush of winter on my cheeks
with your touch I’ll glow


Infuse in my veins
all your essence through my pores
with my love you’ll thrive

Clay in Hands

Hope has the quality of a spiderweb

Incredible strength rising out of tiny strands

So long you possess this miraculous thread

You will know despair is clay in your hands

Caressed by a Snowflake (Shape Poetry)

love is
a treasure
that no gift
beneath the tree
can match in worth
we don’t need to meet under
the mistletoe to display this love,
Feel me caress you ever so gently today with every snowflake that falls on the ground whereupon

P.S. The above is for my love :).  But I’d like to take this opportunity to wish from our side, all you friends and readers a blizzard of happiness and fun on this Christmas day! Merry Christmas to all WPites! 

Bounty on His Head

​There was a bounty on his head

He was a fugitive on the run

Struggling to find refuge

Struggling to understand what he’d done

He had been seeking love

From her who never gave him her attention

The one he wrote his heart out to

The one who became his obsession 

He told her he would die or kill 

Just to have her hand in his

The hours he spent daydreaming 

The hours he prayed for his one wish

Then one day as he rose

He decided to let her know

To tell her he would cry no more

To tell her he was letting go

He walked up to her house

In little steps by cursed feet led  

He reached to find her gone

He reached to find her dead 

People said this and that

His letter was found near her bed

He runs now like the wind gone mad

He runs with an ill-fated bounty on his head

*Written totally ‘out of the head’, as against our usual ‘from the heart’, for the Daily Post prompt Bounty.

Sunset over my Dark (A Kyrielle*)

A murmur of wishes buried
I shoveled out of my heart
No one saw the peeping light 
But the sun set over my dark

Brimming with quiet joy
He had made his mark 
I could tell no one about it 
When the sun set over my dark 

Unbridled I then got 
Singing like the lark
My world so illuminated 
As the sun set over my dark 

*The Kyrielle is a French four-line stanza form that has a refrain in the fourth line. The possible rhyme schemes are: aabb, abab, aaab, abcb. The poem needs to be at least two stanzas long, otherwise the refrain is not really a refrain, is it? 😊

Understanding Haiku

The haiku is perhaps the most celebrated form of micro poetry that has evolved the most over the centuries since the great Haiku master Matsuo Basho created the form in the early 17th century. Many variations of haiku exist and often people think they have penned a haiku when more often than not, they miss the essence of a haiku.

According to the classic haiku poets of Japan, haiku should “present the reader with an observation of a natural, commonplace event, in the simplest words, without verbal trickery. The effect of haiku is one of ‘sparseness’. It’s a momentary snatch from time’s flow, crystallized and distilled. Nothing more.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Haiku and Senryu. The major confusion appears to be centred around the difference between the Haiku and Senryu. Both have 17 syllables, but the former always has a “kigo” (seasonal word) and is written about nature, while the latter is an expression of human emotions and has no kigo. Both have a “kireji” (a cutting word) though there is no English equivalent of kireji.

Then there are, of course, the Haiga and the haibun. Haiga is simply a haiku accompanied by a picture (the syllable “ga” means picture in Japanese). As for the Haibun, it’s a combination of prose and poetry (haiku).

Haiku Analogues

The word ‘analog’, in the context of syllabic poetry, means two or more forms of poetry that share an overall syllable count, but that differ in how those syllables are distributed over the lines of the poem.

Now that the difference has been established, the variations of a 17-syllabic poem derived from the Haiku form needs to be looked into: 

Monoku: A Senryu/haiku with one continuous line of seventeen syllables, often with a pivotal word or phrase shared by two phrases to create a sense of enigma/ambiguity. A ceaesura (pause) may be appropriate, dictated by sense or speech rhythm,and usually very little punctuation

Examples of monoku:

1. There is no room big enough in my heart my love is so limitless (in Senryu)

2. There was no moon that night the frost seemed to have monopolized the sky. ((In Haiku), with ‘frost’ being the “kigo” or seasonal word to denote winter)

In both the examples above, the bold italicized texts are the pivotal words/phrases that are shared by the phrases preceding and following them each.

Crystallines: Two lines, seventeen syllables, divided into 9-8 or 8-9.


Love is the only thing that IS

All else is what was or what could have been

Haiku Prime: Four lines, seventeen syllables, distributed as follows: 2-3-5-7.


The birds

are singing

sweet songs of romance

Oh! my heart blooms with desire

(‘Bloom’ is the “kigo” here denoting Spring as is the birds singing)


Five lines, seventeen syllables, distributed as follows: 2-3-4-6-2. A primary concern for the cinqku is the effective use of the line break.



no escape

strange deep abyss –

struggling to understand

my heart


Note: All the pieces above have been penned by Emotional Spaces.

©Emotional Spaces 2016

All rights reserved.


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