Thou cometh like the early morning breeze

to me, a sleepless suffocating night, waiting for release

emboldened by thine presence, my aspirations began to breathe

no more tossing and turning, except for the rustling of the leaves…

Thy melodies of love, make me fall deeper into thee

thou art no longer the transient wind, thou layeth permanently

my heart a lyre as thou plucketh on my strings

thou hast conquered the air beneath my wings

Note: We both share a deep love for each other and for Poetry and from time to time, one of us likes to write in archaic style. Whereas ‘mine’ sticks to shorter forms,’yours’ writes everything from a Lune to a Sestina. We often write together and we now always write only with each other. This particular piece has been inspired by ​“Thou hast conquered — one hour after sunrise — we shall meet — so let it be!” —from “The Assignation” by Edgar Allan Poe. We hope you like it.