I have taken on life’s varied hues, expressions and forms to dissolve the distance between us.

I lay hidden at first, unclaimed –
a little seed of life
under a blanket of snow.
You unearthed me
you potted me,
you gave me a home.
And I blossomed from a bud to a flower
my fragrance spreading from your skin to your soul.

The golden rays that kissed your eyes in the morning
tell me if you couldn’t feel my warmth in those.
And all those times when the ache got unbearable
I trickled from your eyes
So you could taste me.

When it was time for nature to disrobe,
we clothed each other’s nakedness with intimacy hitherto unknown.

This Christmas,
I became a snowflake for you
growing heavier with yearning as I fell!
I caressed you till I melted
the joys of spring still hung heavily in the air
as you took me in so willingly
underneath your skin

The carolers didn’t come around this time
but you must have murmured ‘silent night’
wishing only I could hear,
because the night was silent at my end,
Or was it?
Perhaps, it was so conspicuous that
I was there in every frosted breath you took
I permeated the senses
of even the inanimate objects under your tree
and they sprang to life
as you burst them open with delight

But then loneliness crept up inside you
after the voices had died
because I felt it too.
We both know what is it like
to feel lonely, though surrounded,
by people we love.

And on this New Years Eve, my beloved
I’m wondering how do I touch you,
what do I become this time?
The flowers long withered have been pressed into pages
the leaves have fallen and gone back to earth
the rains have drained into the seas
snowflakes have dissipated into the ether..
while I remain, sighing away the seasons
watching my body age
dying, a little every season,
to become one with yours.