I’m every man’s cup of tea
They all want to love me
I’m a disaster in the making
If they don’t know how to keep me

I’m mysterious and beautiful
In a terrifying sort of way
I’m fantasy turned fiasco
When given no reason to stay

For riches I don’t crave
Looks don’t even count
But when it comes to showing love
I will give or take no discounts

Keep me in a thatched hut
For all I care, we’ll have a roof
It’s not a mansion I want from you
Of your love, that’s no proof

I’m the besotted enchanted lover
Throwing myself at your feet
Intoxicated by language of the soul
Words of love, they’re are all I need

Show me the magic of the night sky
Coming alive in your azure eyes
Let me feel the warmth in your voice
Your every word becoming my sunrise

An over-idealized love you may say
So be it, give me loads of it
What’s the use of language
If you’re not going to express it

Only one passage to my heart
Simple are the rules
Just let your heart speak in volumes
Time and love are the tools

I am happy to be so in love
Until my expectations go awry
I am not an ordinary woman
Burn me with your intensity