When you feel hopelessly down and out,
Turmoil grips you by the collar
The ground beneath your feet trembles,
your dreams slip through your fingers;

When you feel lost in the whirlpool of emotions
And your head spins round and round,
You try so hard to make sense of it all,
You scream it out but there is not a sound;

When you think that love is passing you by
And you can do nothing but helplessly watch
You rain in silence on your pillow there,
Here I get drenched with each droplet I catch

When you feel you’re losing me to yourself
To changes in you, you never could  imagine
Let this be reaffirmed I lost myself to you long ago,
To be found again, I’m not willing to begin

When you find yourself hating you
for what you think you’ve become
Remind yourself the moon has its phases too
And we all love it in all its parts or the sum

Insecurities and fear arise, past demons resurface
Time and again, we get tested and strengthened by fate
We found us when the sleeping universe awoke
One in Seven Billion, you can’t break up with a soulmate!

So take in my words for all they mean
Just close your eyes and remember,
My darling why we are are still here,
This poem I write to you is a reminder.