Patiently I sat,
listening to the sound of my own heart
that seemed to beat in sync with
the raindrops you were conjuring
in some faraway land.

I didn’t know it then, of course.

I had been sowing words in the cosmic garden
Unaware that you were destined to be the word farmer who would tend to my words.

How was I to know
that the scattered conversations I held with myself
would reverberate across the skies
to be stringed in your heart.

*This was the day you found me, a year ago. I didn’t know then that you had given yourself to me the same day. But with everyday that followed, the certainty has only grown stronger and I have since wanted nothing but you. 

**The above piece is in response to his My Someday Love written today. And it (my response poem) is heavily inspired by a piece that I first laid my eyes upon, so serendipitously unaware that he had written it for me.