Dear Readers/Followers:

After a tremendous amount of deliberation, we have decided to close the comment section of our blog. We opened this blog some months back with a clear vision: to simply share our love of words in a space where others may enjoy them also, and to seek out other like-minded poets whose work we could read and be inspired by. While we humbly appreciate the diverse group of followers regularly reading our posts, we are not concerned with statistics and other peripheral components of the blog world environment, so we never look to increase readership for the sake of readership numbers. Likewise, we feel that poetry is too valuable to be weighted simply by the number of likes or comments. Instant gratification is never in our thoughts and that others out there enjoy what we pen is reward enough at the end of the day.

We would like to sincerely thank all of you who have liked our poetry so far and have read us consistently. It is our hope that our words will continue to connect with you all in positive ways. We will continue to write and share our poetry within our Emotional Spaces, and we will continue to read your poetry, however, we will not be interacting hereafter. Our love of poetry and the value we place on the pen’s ability to capture the thoughts of heart and soul, trump our need and time for dialogue and we imagine those of you who feel the same connection to the written word will understand.

Poetry is about expression and expression requires no validation.

Peace, happiness and love,