The sun comes up faster than your dreams can sleep
No time for family breakfasts, no promises to keep
Gearing up to run for the day’s race of the rats
A confused tortoise disguised under a sorry rabbit’s hat

Countless followers on Facebook, Watsapp friends galore
Tweeting more often than the birds whose voices you hear no more
Oh but when it’s time to call it a night
Only your demons to keep you company till morning light

Deadlines, projects, so-called power lunches and the like
Feeling powerless at the end of the day even as your statistics spike
A quick status update to tell the world about your schedule
Does anyone really care if you met the good pauper or the rich fool?

KFC, McDonalds making money at the cost of your health
Thanks so much for posting what you ate, I was dying of suspense
A hollow life in the fast lane, that’s what we live
It’s an awesome life, so digitization makes us believe.

*This is a satirical piece about how the social media tends to revolutionize our ideas of happiness and contentment. And how urbanization and technology has made us so mechanical.

**Inspired by a talented writer’s (Vercey) absolutely brilliant poem Life In The American Economy, 2017 which speaks so evocatively of the struggles of an average person in the so-called developed world.