Shy solis sneaks ‘cross the sky
my love’s sleeping in her bed
sweet dreams dancing in her head
passions shared ‘tween she and I

Lonely luna from the east
pours its light and bathes my face
my yearning heart leaves this place
to join her in a wild feast

Roaming eyes soon find their way
on our skin shimmering gold
followed by our fingers bold
trembling bodies gasp and sway

And as the sun lures the moon
each twinkling star sighs a hush
closes eyes as our cheeks blush
daylight interrupts too soon

Solis stretches out its hands
yawns across an ancient sky
luna follows closely by
disappearing from this land

*A Ballad for week 4 of 52 Forms for 52 Weeks. A Ballad is a narrative poem typically written in quatrains (four lines) of  either six or eight syllables per line, with a rhyming scheme (typically ABAB or AABB). In this piece I have written each line in seven syllables and used an ABBA rhyme scheme. Most early ballads were written as songs and therefore often come with a refrain which is repeated throughout, however,  it is not a strict rule.