You’ve supressed her for ages
Your father did it
and your forefathers too

The little flicker of hope in her eyes,
You saw that as challenge;
Her feeble voice, you labelled rebellion.
She lost her voice
in trying to keep her life
But you barely kept her alive
making her breathe the stale moldy air
that you exhaled..

She learned to keep her head down,
and her shoulders stooped
She never saw the sun

The only time she looked up
was when she went down on you
Looking at you for affirmation
scared to death
that she was perhaps doing it wrong.

You killed her everyday
Day after day.
And you made her feel
It was her fault.

But She is not I
And She
will not be my daughter.

*This is a tribute to all the free-spirited women and was inspired by Afzal Moola’s always be you, a brilliant poem about (quoting his words) “hetero-patriachy and the emancipation of women.”