The knots in my mind were tight
I knew there would be a fight

It refused to unbolt the door
While my heart sat numb on the floor

It took me a while to understand
That this was part of a process grand

A proxy war that fed on love and hate
Did I know that I was the surrogate?

Depressed with this extreme realization
I coaxed them to an open conversation

*Week 8 Con-Verse of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Con-Verse, consists of three or more couplets which ascend by one syllable up to and until you reach a syllabic count of eleven which would contain ten lines. The meter of this form is in syllabic verse.

Rhyme scheme: aa,bb,cc,dd,ee
Meter: 7,7,8,8,9,9,10,10,11,11