Some may have been tied to you
You may have called them love
To some, you may have been
A gift from the heavens above

But none of those did work
And did you ever wonder why?
You danced still to the tunes
Of a music that didn’t get you high

Perchance it was ignorance
Of the existence of your soul
Or maybe it was sheer folly
Of thinking yesterday is the goal

What were those that came and went
Sooner than you or I could blink
They seemed to be there all the while
our brainwashed hearts faked a link

Now you know that was far
From what you thought was in store
What you have now is real
Unlike anything you’ve felt before

And now, while you fall in this
Do you, like me, pause to think
How every pore feels energized
The deeper in love you sink

That’s the stirring of the soul
By a ladle surreal and mystic
Sprinkled with blessings divine
As we churn in a cauldron cosmic