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March 2017

Two Idiots (Epigram)

Sir, if I may be so bold
Your thoughts are old
Much older than our ancient country
On the verge of collapse now under a cashless economy!

Sir, I beg your pardon, excuse my sass
I can’t tell if it’s your face or your ass
You have a perpetual flatulent look
Havent you already fired your spicy “immigrant” cook?

*Week 13 Epigram for our 2017 Poetic Resolution .
**Epigram is a satirical poem ending with either a humorous retort or a stinging punchline. It is usually written as a couplet or quatrain but can also just be a one lined phrase. Here, I have made jabs at two different leaders, as you have already noticed, of course.😂

Back with a Bang!

The sun comes out with a vengeance
Like it has serious business to do
The weary traveller winter bids adieu
Like it has to go hibernate to renew

Spring here is always such a trickster
Full of promises it never keeps
It only makes a cameo appearance
Its role limited to moving in leaps

The festival of colours* gone not long ago
We all knew summer was in the offing
Two days of springy hope we were given
Before being backstabbed while we were still basking

*Festival of colours called Holi is a day we celebrate here in India (in Nepal too) to mark the arrival of spring and end of winter, among many other significances. It lasts for a night and a day, starting somewhere between the end of February and the middle of March in the Gregorian calendar. Source: Wikipedia.

On Finding Balance

I went all around
Asking people who often smile
How patience can be found
Impatient with their sermons all the while

I read books after books
That spoke of creating balance
Easier read than done, my poor
extreme mind devoid of any semblance

I ruminated for months
On all that I had been told
Only when I coaxed my mind
I realized self-awareness is gold

It started with baby steps
I began to change the way I live
Getting enough sleep was one
My tired brain began to breathe

Making peace with my emotions was next
Learning not to carry my heart on my sleeve
Thoughts keep colliding with feelings still
But I’m finally managing to filter and seive

I’m a happier person now
Learning to breeze through stormy seas
Only because my extremities are under control
The pies and my fingers both at peace!

A View of My Heart (An Etheree)

stayed exposed while
you smiled in prolonged
comfortable silence,
your eyes just not able to
shift themselves off my face, locked in some deep conversation with my eyes;
that’s why you have the best view of my heart


I am not your typical woman
I may be right-brained
And emotions may get the better of me most of the times
But I am logical too, if I need to be.

I have a hundred and one things going on in my head at one time
Let’s not even go to my heart
It’s a Pandora’s box

When I’m not poet-essing
which is my passion
I am lecturing
which is my profession

Needless to say, I have a flair for public speaking
But I can be so private, my mind will not know what’s going on in my heart and vice versa.

I am the worst person you’ll have the misfortune of encountering
If you happen to meet me during one of my bad “in my shell” days
Which can go on for long, I tell you!

I am your girl next door
Very plain and unnoticeable
Sometimes I’ll smile at you
Other times I won’t
It all depends on how bad my PMS/depression is

But here’s the catch:

I am a goddess
Flawless buttery skin and radiating smile
I might even have a halo, for all I know
You can visualise me but you cannot touch me

I’m a natural seductress
Full lips and come hither eyes
If I decide I’m worth much more
than sly and awkward glances

I like to be heard rather than be seen
But whether you see me or not
I am beautiful in my own right.

I cannot be labelled into any one category
I am a wonderfully simplified complicated woman!

*For the Daily Post prompt Label

Awaiting Spring (A Haiku)

Bees are doing it
The birds are following suit
When will our Spring come?

Mentor v/s Mentos (A Dodoitsu)

I have two super bosses
One is cool, he’s my mentor
The other is ticking bomb
Thank God for mentos!

*Week 12 Dodoitsu of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. Often concerning love or work, and usually with a comical twist, this Japanese form of poetic style consists of four lines with the syllabic structure 7-7-7-5 and no rhyme for a total of 26 syllables.


Damn be the racist world
Stuck on colour and religion
When we become one,
We will paint the town red.
Let’s stir up some beige gossip
By mixing our brown and white tones;
Let them see our passion take on a purple hue
When your blue eyes lock gazes with my black;
Love is our religion, let them laugh, let them sulk.
Let’s be the proud face of controversy!

*In context of the Daily Post prompt Controversy

Full Moon Love (Efjie Series)

Loved you
The minute I
Inhaled your words from

I will
Love you till
The last breath I

Love will
Only see a
A million full moon

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