What good is a mirror that doesn’t hold your reflection
Or a reflection that doesn’t carry your shadow
What good is a sound that is not wrapped in your silence
Or a realization drenched deep in your absence
What good is a moment that doesn’t yearn for you
Or slumber that is not adorned by dreams of you
What good is a day that is not spent in your aspirations
Or a night that doesn’t see the light of your day
What good is a heart that doesnt beat for you
Or a breath that doesn’t exhale your name

P.S. I have been away for quite a while and it feels like ages. And while I’m posting this, I’m still likely to be away from the blog for some more days. My SO has so far has been writing and posting beautiful pieces in my absence and I love him for that. And thanks to Yasmin who apparently missed me and my poetry. 😊