I am not your typical woman
I may be right-brained
And emotions may get the better of me most of the times
But I am logical too, if I need to be.

I have a hundred and one things going on in my head at one time
Let’s not even go to my heart
It’s a Pandora’s box

When I’m not poet-essing
which is my passion
I am lecturing
which is my profession

Needless to say, I have a flair for public speaking
But I can be so private, my mind will not know what’s going on in my heart and vice versa.

I am the worst person you’ll have the misfortune of encountering
If you happen to meet me during one of my bad “in my shell” days
Which can go on for long, I tell you!

I am your girl next door
Very plain and unnoticeable
Sometimes I’ll smile at you
Other times I won’t
It all depends on how bad my PMS/depression is

But here’s the catch:

I am a goddess
Flawless buttery skin and radiating smile
I might even have a halo, for all I know
You can visualise me but you cannot touch me

I’m a natural seductress
Full lips and come hither eyes
If I decide I’m worth much more
than sly and awkward glances

I like to be heard rather than be seen
But whether you see me or not
I am beautiful in my own right.

I cannot be labelled into any one category
I am a wonderfully simplified complicated woman!

*For the Daily Post prompt Label