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April 2017

Run (Gwawdodyn*)

I think by now you know that I run
from myself in pursuit of the sun;
The lurking shadows chase me as I phase,
Like the Moon, I too am sometimes gone

The Sun and I haven’t been good friends
I am trying to make those amends;
Coming out of the shell, cold dark hell
Some warmth would be nice before the day ends

*Week 18 Gwawdodyn of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Gwawdodyn is a Welsh poetic form comprised of quatrains (4-line stanzas) that have a 9/9/10/9 syllable pattern and matching end rhymes on lines 1, 2, and 4. 



The path between you and I
Was made up of fallen stars
That helped us find our way
Towards each other

Now, the shards of our hearts
Have mingled with those stars
And as we try to find our way
Collecting ourselves across the rocky jagged suface
The soles of our feet are stained with blood
But that isn’t where the pain lies….

Should we fail to keep treading along the path
It would be the most tragic failure of both our lives
But we will truly fail
Only if our hearts can no longer beat in unison
No matter how bloodied our feet are…

P.S. I love You.


As I drifted off to sleep
You drifted apart from me
And then when I woke up
You had become free

The thread that had us bound
Got brittle it seems over time
Maybe we took it for granted
That it would never lose its shine

I tried going back to sleep
Wishing I could undo some things
Sleep became fickle just then
Casting doubts over my feelings

All these Days (Gra Reformata)

Conspicuous by my absence was I
I waited patiently testing myself
All these days that the wretched clock dragged by!

Little pranks leading to indecent lies
A lot of chaos, Onyx were my eyes!

A twist in the tale unseen by the eye
Unfolded slow like deep hidden layers
Conspicuous by my absence was I!

I must have painted the night sky with tears
Only the beleaguered moon heard my sighs!

My heart kept racing and I didn’t know why
I felt I was being watched every second
All these days that the wretched clock dragged by!

Oh what a conundrum it truly was
How long before the forced veil would arise?

The sun would lower, chances would get high
That the unseen would be visible, yet
Conspicuous by my absence was I!

That night, the silver moonstreak melted slow
When morning came, amber became my eyes!

At long last, the conundrum was to die
I kept mum, breathed deep and long after
All these days that the wretched clock dragged by!

The sun glowed, wind blew hard making doubts fly
“I knew it”, my heart shouted a murmur
Said there’d better be a good alibi
All these days that the wretched clock dragged by!

*Week 17 Gra Reformata of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Grá Reformata is based upon the Villanelle form. Following the basic setting of the Villanelle, the Grá Reformata has an extra couplet between each tercet. This couplet can be either rhymed within the structure of the rest of the poem, or in free verse, but always in iambic pentameter.



The x consists of the rhymed, or unrhymed iambic couplet.

All’s Well That Ends Well (Florette)

His face displayed the undertones
He’d tried to contain in his bones
When he saw her after a while
She could clearly sense through his smile his heart’s bemoans

She coughed up her every detail
Of what had him and her both ail
He listened with a lot of care
He cleared his chest bare, then said all’s well that ends well.

*Week 16 Florette of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Florette consists of two or more 4-line stanzas.

Rhyme scheme: a,a,b,a 
Meter: 8,8,8,12 
Fourth line requirement of internal (b) rhyme scheme, on syllable 8.

P.S. We’ve both been away from the blog for what seems like ages. My phone was stolen and he was in no mood to write without me. It’s found now😊. All’s well that ends well.

Your Essence (Essence Series)

1. Your deep “pillowed sorrow”
My steep bellowed furrow

2. Wind blows your scent to me
My blood flows in frenzy

*Week 15 Essence of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Essence is a short, structured form of two-lines, six syllables each with an end rhyme and internal rhyme.


The sanctity of some
long distance relationships
Is that they are
more real than those
You are surrounded by physically.
You may be the best kept secret
Of my life right now
But you are the grandest and the most beautiful reality
Of my lifetime.

Deep Blue Sea

I see happiness around the corner where a good man lives
I see joy around the corner where a beautiful soul gives
He gives me love, he gives me hope
He lifts me up and helps me cope

He is my early morning
He is my start of day
He keeps my embers burning
He puts my heart to play

He puts me in a frenzy
He puts a smile across my face
He makes me want to dance
And he sets my heart apace

My deep blue sea I call him with love
Sent just for me by the one above!

Red Velvet (An Epulaeryu*)


Cupcakes are in the oven
I can see them puff
With such warm delicacy
Whiff of red velvet
A dash of cream cheese
Sits atop

*Week 14 Epulaeryu of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. The Epulaeryu poem is all about delicious food. It has 7 lines with 33 syllables of 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. The ending line has an exclamation mark expressing the writer’s excitement. The poem may be rhymed or unrhymed.

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