Once in a while
I blow my own damn mind

When I can hear you whisper
from thousands of miles away
I imagine your breath on my neck
My chest rising with some trepidation
My pores open up in anticipation
And you lick the salt like it’s your elixir
A starved man you have been
Not of affection but of the flesh
The urgency with which you lay me down
Becomes my aphrodisiac.
But you surprise me with the delicacy
With which you feast on me
Like you want to savour
every taste, every feel, every smell, every sight, every sound
of me.
And then I surprise you
With the ferocity with which my trepidation
turns into ecstacy.
As I let you feast on me
As I feast on you
Like it’s a banquet for two.
Me and You.

Once in a while
I blow my own damn mind.

P.S. As much as I love poetry, I haven’t been able to swing by the blog as often as I wish. Work interferes, life happens! What can I say?🙂But here I am, posting after a while. This was inspired by Afzal’s (Moola) “when we kissed”. It sent my already sensual brain into new heights of imagination. I miss my SO😪. This is for you, darling!