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May 2017

I Dream

I dream
of togetherness that will outlast
the laminated document.
I dream of a marriage
that is certified by unfettered love.
I dream of companionship
that is greater than the institution of marriage.
I believe our love will conquer the boundaries,
Natural and otherwise.
I dream of a love that will grow old with us and still remain young forever.
I believe in Us!


Intro: I have a deep fear of dementia. The following is about the same. I wrote this a little while ago and it has been set into music by my SO who also happens to be a composer/musician. Someday I might publish the song version 😊

If I forget how I used to look
Would you paint me a picture I can keep
Use all the love in you when you do
So I can see how my eyes shone so deep

If I can’t recall my name anymore
Will you write love on me patiently
Help me utter the syllables each time
I respond to your love as you call me

If I have trouble remembering me
I’ll count on you to be my clarity
If I wander far away from the shore
Will you be my beacon to guide me home

If I can’t remember why I love you
Would you narrate to me our story
My shot in the dark that had lit us up
How you had found home in my poetry

If I have trouble remembering me
I’ll count on you to be my clarity
If I wander far away from the shore
Will you be my beacon to guide me home

Art is Beautiful

Art is beautiful
Whichever form you adopt and behold,

Some draw it
Emotions in strokes light and bold;

Some paint it
With myriad colours from their soul,

Some sculpt it
Turning nothingness to a beautiful whole;

Some photograph it
Freezing the moment that won’t come twice,

Some play it
Music when words don’t seem to suffice;

Some sing it
Melodies that could make the Divine sigh

Some dance it
Lost in a trance even the dancer can’t say why;

Some ink it
Wearing their art on their skin,

Some swallow it
Oblivious to their art within;

Some weave it
thread by thread with the fabric engage,

And I write it
Breathing life into words page after page.

Note: This is to all the artists who wear their arts on their sleeves..
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen!


Unfolding Love

Our unfolding love…
A honey-glazed dawn
in your orange pekoe sky
My scarlet heart sunset
now flowing freely
through your crimson veins.
My mountains heave and sigh
my valley no longer dry
as you infuse me with the freshness
of a dewy lavender
on moon-kissed musky nights

Forms of Love (A Hay(na)Ku*)

comes in
many different forms

*Week 19 Hay(na)ku of our 2017 Poetic Resolution. Hay(na)ku is a tercet (three line poem) with one word in the first line, two in the second, and three in the third/last line. No restrictions beyond that. 




With every choice I make
Every chance I take
I unfold a bit of me like
The Amaryllis revealing its hidden colour

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