Art is beautiful
Whichever form you adopt and behold,

Some draw it
Emotions in strokes light and bold;

Some paint it
With myriad colours from their soul,

Some sculpt it
Turning nothingness to a beautiful whole;

Some photograph it
Freezing the moment that won’t come twice,

Some play it
Music when words don’t seem to suffice;

Some sing it
Melodies that could make the Divine sigh

Some dance it
Lost in a trance even the dancer can’t say why;

Some ink it
Wearing their art on their skin,

Some swallow it
Oblivious to their art within;

Some weave it
thread by thread with the fabric engage,

And I write it
Breathing life into words page after page.

Note: This is to all the artists who wear their arts on their sleeves..
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen!