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June 2017

Blades of Love

I thought

of slashing my wrists

With the razor that once belonged to you

And see if your blood still runs in my veins..

And then I thought

I’ll rip your pictures

and words into little jagged pieces

With the same razor.

And then I decided the blades of my love are far sharper than your blades of doubt and my grief and angst put together.

Good or Bad!

Why would anyone give up on something so good, unless it was bad (in disguise)?

Can too much of good really be bad?

P.S. Hi all! I’ve been away for a while now. I go though phases, just like the moon. 


White Sand and Palm Dreams

I send you this dream today, even as I dream it everyday
you and I walking on white sand, a beautiful beach hand in hand
Turquoise water goes on forever, yellow sun appears mellower
a gentle breeze blows on my soft skin, my raven hair in it wafting.
Deserted beach except for you and I, cool water gurgling by
Ankle deep we walk, comfortable silence there’s no need to talk
Coconut palms overhang, a soft sweet laughter rang
Happy leaves rustling, I recite a new poem I wrote you this morning,
You smile and say, “so beautiful it is, as are you, everyday”
You stop and turn to me, brushing aside my flying hair lovingly
You look into my dark eyes: “I love you, my heart never lies”
you trace my face with your fingertips, lean down to kiss my eager lips
You take me in your arms tighter, I pull you to me closer,
I kiss you back deep, we think of the promises we keep
As we release our embrace, I take your hand and lead you to the shade
Of the palms that now bear witness to our love, the sun shying a bit to give us the privacy we deserve

P.S. Happy Birthday, Darling!

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