It’s only a matter of time. said he

before you become the vibrant garden that you once were

All the flowers desiring to grow in you once again;

The suns of the world

will give you the warmth you need

and the clouds will pour on you

just the way you so seek.

and I, the weed that I always have been

will uproot myself

from where I don’t belong…

The garden that you talk about, replied I

was built upon a foundation of seeds

so lovingly scattered by you;

I blossomed, unseen by the world

so long you tended to me.

My fragrance began to spread but I lay hidden

waiting as always to be nurtured only by you;

My gardener that you once were

lost interest in the flower you made me.

The winds came and threatened to blow everything away

I stood lackluster yet firm on my two feeble feet

muttering till the end

My gardener you shall always be…