His earliest memories were “boys don’t cry”
Timid little thing he was, trouble getting by
When the black dog bit him, he stopped the tears
He conditioned himself to never show his fears

Grew up in the shadow of toughness of a man
He was the boy that happened without a plan
Angry little boy, aloof he spent his childhood
Not too popular among kids in the neighbourhood

Always sulking, couldn’t figure out why
Consoled himself by saying I’m shy
Petrified by his own secrets, no dispute there
His deep heart, could never imagine, to bare

He looked all around for something
Didn’t really know what he was missing
Fell in love with a girl, he couldn’t tell
Every night under covers, he would yell

With no one to hear his silent cries
He succumbed to different kind of highs
Hoped for a new day, the brightest of skies
Was so frustrated by his own lies

Gave love another chance as he got older
Decided to overcome, his invisible boulder
The woman he met, saw in her a saviour
His soul rescued, he felt so much braver

Overwhelmed by her love, he began to open up
Shared with her what all these years, he had bottled up
He felt relieved, freedom from the shackles of his mind
And the black dog came haunting to remind

All his fears came flooding back to him
Those memories of fighting back with fake vim
A sense of peace engulfed him, no longer superficially
Letting the tears flow on her bosom, as she said “real
men cry”