Intro: From time to time, I like to thank people for being who they are to me. I used to do it regularly in my last blog. You don’t need an occasion to be grateful and to show them how you feel, yeah?
The world of writing is a fascinating one. One which never fails to make you marvel and even question. And a bit scary too. Over the past two years and through journeys covered under three blogs (I had two blogs simultaneously last year; one exclusively for collabs since I was writing so much with other poets besides my own poetry). I have come to realize it is a fickle one too. People connect like houses on fire, and disconnect like oil and water. No questions asked, no explanations given! Snap! Chop chop. Nevertheless, some remain etched in the hearts and minds. Through my blog journeys, I have had the fortune of encountering wonderful poets and their brilliant writings. All of them have made some difference, little or big, to my writing and in my life. Some of them I have sincerely admired with awe at the pure genius of their poetry and some I have truly treasured for the gift of their friendship that remains..
Today is a good time to revisit them all and say one more time, Thank You. Readers, please do not forget to click on the links. They are amazing writers/artists, take my word. My Poet, of course, does not make it to the list because well, he is Numero Uno and there is no Duos.

From a corner, I peeped
And saw the world was still living with different shades

Emerging from the days of stone

Not much had changed or had they?
We are still caught up on the past
Bickering and ranting over things that we only assume..

Whose blood is more precious?
It all looks the same crimson to me.

Ambling on my thoughts behinddistant* doors
Sifting through the deepest of me,
Between hope and despair
rage and fear
I asked no one in particular
Was I too a part of the throng?
The divergence with which my verses bleed
Do I even belong?

Cast in order of appearance:

Krysia from korsakkorner (the lady with the green thumb and a golden heart)

Rhema (my best friend from childhood) from livingwithdifferentshades
Ryan from daysofstone (the brilliant man who thinks there is no such thing as too much coffee)
Kunal from randomrantsramblings andruminations (my clever poet friend whose wit is as charming as the man himself)
Ell (Bushka) from autumnambles (the sweetest man in the blogosphere)
Azul from behinddistantdoors (no longer on WP) (the woman who said Wowza a lot, God I miss her poetry)

Swapnil from thedeespestofme (the humblest artist)

Ruth from divergentcandour (the most amazing reader your blog will ever have the good fortune of being stumbled upon)

Afzal from scribbledverses (my friend – the voice of the downtrodden)

Taking a moment to mention two names:

Yasmin from yassy66 (good friend and great writer)

Perk from Percolating Poetry (swoon worthy micro poetry)