There was something about her
That drew in people to her
She left little hearts here and there
You could say she was everywhere
The way she could be everything all at once
A drop of sunshine
Dark ominous clouds
Warm summer breeze
Freezing rain

She always had a look of otherness in her eyes; the way her mind wandered along the banks of the river when she was being worshipped like the sacred summits

..Forever talking about love that healed your soul and broke your bones
She was on the same page as the ones who wanted to burn
But she was always a little ahead.
She spoke her loudest when she said nothing

Some days, she was a wisp of nothingness
But most days,
You could hear her in a tune
You could feel her in her words
She loved people with great emotional depth
She was always talking about drowning

She cheered for people; She cried in their sadness

She laughed a lot
She was a little broken

She guarded herself well, and yet
She was like a little onion for the ones who gave her love
She gave you her everything in all the entirety of her nothingness
And the man who was in love with her knew this:

a passionate woman
is worth the chaos.