I am left brained. And I’m at the extreme end of the scale.

And I have a condition (my close friends know about it)

It’s called over-thinking. 

The reasons are unknown; the effects, tumultuous. 

So anyway, I have been very unwell for the past couple of days. On medical leave but my boss (God bless such bosses) made sure I was well taken care of. He sent my office driver and a colleague to drag me out of my bed to the hospital. It freaked me out when Mr. Chief Neurologist made me undergo MRI and EEG. And I started imagining scenes from the Rajesh Khanna starrer Anand and even Love Story (the book version). Hey, cut me some slack, I just said I have a condition! 

Kunal then calls me, right when I’m stepping into the Chamber of Secrets called MRI Room, escorted by my very official looking bodyguard. Maybe he was checking up on me as all close friends do. 

I told him laters, K and I called him back after all my tests were done and medicines bought, some 2 hours later. He asked me “Kya Hua” and I said “mera dimaag kharab ho raha hain” 😂. What else could I have said! He’s a witty one, in any case. 

I get the reports of all my tests tomorrow. In the meanwhile, I’m telling my brain to shut the hell up. 

P.S. Thank you guys for calling/writing in to wish me good health and “more power to an already strong woman”. God, that touched me. It’s the little things that make the big differences, yeah?