I do not know why and how today
Your question keeps resounding:
“Have I wronged anyone in anyway?”
Here is my feeble attempt at an answer:
No one was harmed at all,
A concise story was born though, out of the anguish;
Of someone who you thought was your own
The same who is now a stranger to you
You weeded out her garden with one ruthless strike
That which she had nurtured with all the essence of her being – blood, earth, water
The love that had blossomed into a beautiful
flower in her fertile bosom,
Nothing more than a prickly cactus plant in her now barren heart.

Alas! you could never understand the hopes
and aspirations of the young sprout;
So woefully uprooted even before it could feel
its tendrils being caressed by the wind.
The endless billows of her love that she
dreamed would never stop flowing her life
aspirations so intertwined with those waves
She had no desires save one to let her love
bear eternal fruits of her labour
Who is to blame? and how did this happen, how did things take this
l shan’t ask, for I’m not naive
Yet, I will repeat one last time
The correct answer to your question
Do not despair, no one was harmed
Only a mere butterfly met its death in the blaze
of your fire
The fire still burns, still alive
An attraction of light
But conceals well its true annihilating nature
But the ‘sigh’ of that poor unfortunate butterfly
Could not reach anyone’s ears
Nor touch anyone’s hearts. No one will remember
It’s brief life story!
Even as I let the fog rise from the ocean of my
heart and dissipate into the ether
I want you to know this is not a grievance that
I harbour against you