*This is something I tried for the first time last June. I might have even invented this form, for all I know πŸ˜€. This is a poem that can be read three ways

  1.  Read it like you see it, as it comes
  2. Read it from the last verse to the first (A story told in reverse, verse-wise)
  3. Read it from the last line and work your way up. (Again, a story told in reverse, line-wise)


This is a gift from above
Let us not fall apart
Let us always be in love
Your name I etched in my heart

Little angels had our name
Blue eyes, black hair like midnight
In vivid colours they came
I saw a dream last night

When you got down on one knee
I knew the moment was without lies
You looked up tenderly
I saw the love in your eyes

To become the ink in your pen
THE visitor would stay
little did we know then
When you found me one fine day