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i love her

I don’t reblog, unless of course the piece has something to do with me or the piece is something that touches me beyond words. Such as this one…Afzal, my friend’s ‘I love you’ is a beautifully moving piece that deserves to be read widely… Do hop over and leave your comments (if any) there.

Scribbled Verse

i love her.


she found me, as torrents raged around me,

she found me, when my wings were shattered,

she found me, when i was desolately crawling,

she found me, in the depths of despair,

she found me, trapped in the quagmire,

she found me.


she reached down, her hand extended,

she pulled me out of, the lair of emptiness,

she helped me stand, after my legs had been battered,

she fed me, nourishing my soul,

she led me, into pastures green and alive,

she held me, in the cocoon of her embrace.


i was not worthy, of her delicate touch,

i was not worthy, lying in a discarded alleyway,

i was not worthy, of her healing embrace,

i was not worthy, of her tender love,

i was not worthy then, i am not worthy now,

i had nothing, and still have nothing to give,


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Nandita’s Challenge

My friend Kunal accepted my “almost” challenge of giving the English rendition of a poem I wrote in Hindi with a bit of Urdu mix. He has done a pretty fantastic job. See it for yourself. Thanks K!

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So NMY from Emotional Spaces – – writes to me in Hindi and almost dares me to do an English version of it. Game on, my friend… here it is!

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Midnight Moon

At midnight, in the month of June,
I stand beneath the mystic moon.
– Edgar Allan Poe


I often find myself lost in dreams
Lying near my imaginary stream

I catch a glimpse of thine face afar
That’s when I try and bewitch a star

To impersonate me and my face
I shine upon thee with loving grace

The wind blows, a familiar howl
I reckon it’s my solitary soul

Thou seeketh me on moonlit nights
Dimming all around thy fancy lights

All the while, I stand beneath the moon
Singing my soliloquys, making thee swoon

While thou cometh in tides, never too soon
Thou art still fairer to me than the Moon.

Bolne Aansu (A Poem in Nepali)

Gaha ko aansu muskaan banera adhara ma auuda
Timilai aaja mero yaad po aayo ki kaso, mann byakul huda
Jhajhalko bani timro yaadharu sab pharkera aayo
Muskaan adhara ko mero aansu bani jhalkera gayo

Jali rahaney yo mann mero
Kasari bujhney ho
Tadpi rahenay tyo mann timro
Kasari samliney ho

Vakya ma bhanna na sakeko ti kura haru
Aaja kasari yo mann le sunyo, sunayo
Shayad aaja timi pani ma jastai royow

English translation:
I caught myself smiling through tears
I wondered then if I crossed your mind
All those memories came flooding back to me now
The smile on my lips changed back to tears

Forever burning this heart of mine
How do I quell it?
Forever yearning that heart of yours
How will you calm it down?

All those things that could have never been put into words
How did our hearts today hear and speak them out loud?
Perhaps, it was our tears that did all the talking today..


Where all looks cruised
on my 36-24-36s
And breaths vacationed
on my 5-7-5s
Your poetry took up residence
On all my syllables



I blushed so hard
He looked at me long
I couldn’t even meet his eyes
Yet I could see he was reading me so deep
My eyes struggled to keep up
The instant his closed on me
And then he softly said
“your heart just gave birth to a new beat, love”
That’s when I looked up and whispered “yours is still the one I keep”


Oh Heart, Be Not So (A Sonnet)

My teardrops have made the sea saltier
Said the thawing ice as it grew warmer
I come like the twister, go like the lull
I won’t let you be the break of my fall

I’m chasing my dreams as fast as I can
I’m slowing down to let life catch up on
Those leftovers from last night still yawning
On my today, my lashes murmuring

Setting hearts afire once an easy game
My own heart now up in ashes, aflame
Coaxing thoughts into a semblance of order
Before they’re shut in a dungeon colder

I’m the Queen of my castle the clouds below
Oh heart be not so, oh heart be not so

*Heavily inspired by one of the finest poets I know and my very dear friend Ryan’s Paradigm Shift. Thanks Ryan for this truly beautiful inspiration. It was my best read in days. 

On Waking (Inverted Fibonacci(s))

but I feel
so lost in my dreams
of yesterday and tomorrow
I cannot tell If I am living in my today.
I am asleep, floating with you in a cloudless dream
I think I am afraid to wake,
To open my eyes
lest I see
you are

me dream
on, my love.
Please don’t wake me up
and, if you must, please
let me find-


Under the Same Moon (A Senryu)

Lonely hearts weep whilst
lovers lock in sweet embrace
Under the same moon

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